Kid Review Questions

It’s awesome that you’d like to write a review for Reads 4 Tweens! To see an example of a review written by a fellow kid, you can check out my daughter’s review of Anne of Green Gables.

Reviews on Reads 4 Tweens are mostly for parents and teachers to help them learn about the book, so you can talk about the ending of the book and other things that you usually can’t include in a book report for school. The questions below are to give you some ideas—skip any that don’t seem to apply to your book and feel free to add in other stuff even if I didn’t ask about it.

In a few sentences, what is the book about?

Answer a few of these questions. Add a few of your own, if you like.

  • What are your opinions about the book?
  • Was it fun to read? Did it make you think?
  • Was it sad, happy, funny?
  • What was your favorite part?
  • Was there anything you didn’t like?

Answer any of these questions that apply to your book. In particular, think about situations that you think might give kids good or bad examples of how to talk, act, and think.

  • Is there fighting, bullying, or other violence in the book? If so, what part does it play in the story?
  • Does anyone in the book die? If so, was it scary? Sad? Tragic?
  • Is there anything that some kids might find scary or disturbing? If so, what?
  • Does the book talk about God or religion? If so, what do you think the book is saying about those things?
  • Are there mentions of drugs or alcohol? If so, what role do they play in the story? What characters use them?
  • Is there bad language? If so, what kinds of words or phrases and how much are they used?
  • What kinds of opinions does the book seem to have about groups of people, such as boys, girls, rich people, poor people, different races, people who have certain interests, etc.?
  • Is there sex in this book? If so, is it talked about in detail? Is it talked about a lot?
  • What kinds of family relationships are there in this book? Do they get along? Fight a lot? Do they treat each other with respect or do they hurt or ignore each other? Do the family relationships seem realistic or exaggerated?
  • Did anything in the book make you uncomfortable? If so, what?


  • Would you recommend this book to your friends or other kids you know? Why or why not?
  • What ages do you think this book is good for?
  • What kinds of kids might like this (such as, if they like this other book, TV show, or movie they’ll probably like this book; they should avoid this book if they don’t like this other thing)?

Please include

  • Title
  • Author
  • Year of publication and publisher
  • Whether it’s part of a series
  • Format in which it was read (personal copy, ebook, borrowed from the library, etc.)

Tell us a little about you

Such as, how old are you and what grade are you in? What are some books you love or hate? Also let me know would you like to be credited (my daughter posts under her initials and last name: MRValentine). There will be a brief description of you on the Guest Reviewers page.