Guest Reviewers

Many thanks to these wonderful people who offer their knowledge, time, and expertise to Reads 4 Tweens.

Jessica Banks

Jessica Banks reads books aloud to anyone who will listen. She’s never reading fewer than four books at a time. When she’s not reading, she works for Atlas Games, does freelance editing, and volunteers as PTO Literacy Chair at her sons’ school. You can read more about her weird world at


Death in the House of Dreams


Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword

Jeff Dougan

Jeff Dougan is the father of a 8-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, generally referred to by the noms d’Internet of “the Grasshopper” and “the Munchkin,” respectively. As a former bookstore employee and high school science teacher, he’s also paid a lot of attention to things read by kids & young adults for most of the last decade. A lifelong lover of mystery, fantasy, and non-fiction science, he tends to gravitate toward those sections when perusing, but will read almost anything. You can follow him on Twitter @jffdougan.


Heist Society
The Lightning Thief
Perfect Scoundrels
The Princess Curse
The Ruins of Gorlan
The Sea of Monsters
The Titan’s Curse 
Uncommon Criminals

Richard Due

Richard Due (pronounced “Dewey”) first imagined the Moon Realm while telling bedtime tales to his children. He makes his home in Southern Maryland, where he and his wife have owned and operated Second Looks Books since 1991. The Moon Coin is the first novel in the Moon Realm series. Visit for more information.



Jocelyn Koehler

Jocelyn Koehler is a writer and editor in Philadelphia. She is published by Hammer & Birch. You can sign up for her mailing list for new release updates and possible freebies. Her books are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple’s iBookstore. Her book End to End, which follows The Way Through the Woods, is a collection of four fairy tales based in her mythical land of the Nine Kingdoms.

She also blogs about books, movies, and writing over at Team Blood. Follow her on Twitter at @jocelynk414 to hear snarky comments and get links on writing-related topics, and friend her at Goodreads to see what she should be reading but clearly isn’t getting to, and on Facebook, because it’s…Facebook.



Talking About…Twelve Dancing Princesses
Talking About…Little Red Riding Hood



Jonathan Lavallee

Jonathan Lavallee is a parent to an 11 year old girl, and hanger-out-with person with a 10 year old girl and 15 year old boy. He has his Masters degree in English Literature from York University and does a “Create Your Own Boardgame” workshop with the local library because games are great reading tools for kids. You can follow him on Twitter at @firestormink.


The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Black Maria
(AKA Aunt Maria)
brown girl dreaming 
The Door in the Hedge
Dream Girl
Drink, Slay, Love 
Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
Goodbye Stranger
Grasshopper Jungle 
The Great Good Thing
Hour of the Bees 
Howl’s Moving Castle
Jacob Two-Two’s First Spy Case
The King of Attolia
The Ordinary Princess
The Princess Bride

The Queen of Attolia

The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror
Sure Signs of Crazy
The Thief
The True Meaning of Smekday
When You Reach Me

Jennifer Lewis

I am the mother of two girls, ages 10 and 11. We all love to read, and my youngest and I adore all things fantasy related. Ever since I read The Hobbit, I was hooked! Growing up in another country, I didn’t have access to a huge variety of books. However, I did read just about every book we had, including some challenging classics!

As a mom, I want to provide my daughters with access to a variety of books and help them find books that are more their style. It’s useful to have information regarding the books available both so that I can have recommendations at the ready and so that I can discuss the subject matter of their books with them. I feel so fortunate to have access to amazing libraries, book stores, and internet resources that provide them with a broad spectrum of reading options that can encourage their desire to keep reading!


The Crimson Crown
The Demon King
Don’t Look Back
The Exiled Queen
The Gray Wolf Throne
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

MG Wells

MG WELLS is an author, artist, playwright, and aunt to sixteen children. MG strives to entertain, empower, and inspire others. LIGHTMASTERS: Number 13 is MG’s debut novel, geared for all ages who love action, adventure, fantasy, and magic. MG is presently working on a sequel: LIGHTMASTERS: The Gate. To learn more about MG, please visit Follow MG on Twitter at: @MG_WELLS


The Aviary

Clark Valentine

Clark is the father of two and husband of this site’s administrator and lead reviewer. He’s a long time fan of “bog standard” Tolkienesque, setting-heavy fantasy, and he’s re-evaluating a lot of it as he contemplates handing it over to his kids. He’s an engineer by education and experience and is still a bit confused about how he wound up writing book reviews, but he’s fairly certain that the answer to this confusion lies at the bottom of this coffee cup. Okay, maybe this one. Or this one.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
The Martian
Pawn of Prophecy
Star Wars: Aftermath
Star Wars: Moving Target
Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run
Star Wars: The Weapon of a Jedi 


MRValentine is the daughter of ayvalentine who runs this site. She loves to read, and her particular favorites are magical stories, fantasy, and retold and/or twisted fairy tales. She appreciates books that are detailed and descriptive instead of just PLOT PLOT PLOT! She likes writing as much as reading and dreams of being an author someday as well as a ballet dancer, ballet teacher, AND school teacher.


On Death – A Kid’s View


Anne of Green Gables
Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Promise
Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Search 


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