The Silver Thread

The Silver Thread is the second book in The Unicorn’s Secret series, following Moonsilver. It only increases my feeling that this isn’t so much a series as one longer novel broken down into chunks that are manageable for newly independent readers.

If you haven’t read Moonsilver, The Silver Thread won’t make much sense at all. Picking up where the previous book left off, Heart, Avamir, and Moonsilver are on the run. When Moonsilver is shot by a hunter’s poisoned crossbow, Heart decides they must risk returning to town to get the healing help of Ruth Oakes.

This novel barely stands alone as a separate book, although it does follow one arc of the story to a temporary close. The titular silver thread is all about potential and plays little role in this part of the story.

SPOILER ALERT: Things you might want to know before suggesting this to your kid

Read Them in Order

This book must be read after Moonsilver, and it’s an unsatisfactory ending which means your kid will want the next one after finishing this one.


Lord Dunraven’s hunters think that Moonsilver is a white deer. Seeing him as a prize more than a potential meal, they shoot him with a poisoned arrow. It doesn’t matter if the meat is spoiled, as long as they can show off the body.

Moonsilver nearly dies from the wound. He’s a baby unicorn, so this could be pretty traumatic for young readers. This is the primary plot of the book, so it goes on for chapter after chapter.

If You Name It, It’s Yours

A puppy starts following Heart and the unicorns. She calls it “Kip” based on the noise it makes. Ruth tells her that Kip belongs with her now because she gave him a name. If your kid is angling for a pet, they may decide to use this ploy on you.


When Simon spots Heart, he calls Lord Dunraven’s men on her, saying she stole the horses from him. They grab the girl, but she manages to set the unicorns free and to wriggle free herself. Now her former home is totally off limits to her. Simon is a greedy jerk—there’s not much to redeem him so far.


I kind of like the idea of a complex novel broken into pieces for newly independent readers. It’s especially good for precocious readers who are ready for more depth but not quite ready for a big book. If your child liked Moonsilver, they’ll probably like The Silver Thread well enough.


The Silver Thread by Kathleen Duey
Published in 2001 by Scholastic
Second in The Unicorn’s Secret series, following Moonsilver
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