Flipping Out!

Flipping OutFlipping Out! is the 14th book in the My Sister the Vampire series. I managed to get this one through Amazon without jumping through any hoops, but interestingly it’s the British version! (You can tell by the extras U’s.) This novel is a welcome return to form as both sisters are back together, getting used to their new high school. I will assume you’re familiar with the series or have at least read a few of my previous reviews (you can find them here, here, here, and here with a full list of the series here).

The new high school the twins are going to is split strongly into goths and skaters, with the cheerleader types hiding in the corners from the popular kids. There is almost no overlap between the cliques, and Ivy is utterly confused by suddenly being the most popular 9th grader in the school. When Olivia, former cheerleader and big fan of pink, returns to school two weeks into the school year, she can hardly get near her twin and no one will give her the time of day.

SPOILER ALERT: Things you might want to know before suggesting this to your kid

As usual, not much. These books are sweet, fun diversions.

Boys and Romance

In a refreshing change, both Ivy and Olivia are stable and secure in their relationships. There is no boyfriend angst at all! Jackson is mostly absent, and Brendan is his usual cute, gently teasing, and supportive self.

Olivia puts her efforts into bringing together the most popular skater and the queen of the goths. She tries to use her extensive knowledge of romantic comedies to encourage them to get together. Part of the fun is that, although they do eventually get together, it’s pretty much in spite of Olivia’s meddling. Olivia’s tactics may not exactly work, but her instincts are good—the new romance breaks down the barriers separating the groups in the school.

There’s a very gross boy who thinks he’s so cool. He’s literally smelly.

Be Yourself

There are lots of different messages about being yourself. Ivy has to learn to deal with her new popularity without turning into a mean girl. Olivia deals with hurt feelings when she’s having trouble getting near her twin. A new girl is trying desperately to be goth because she wants to be popular, but she truly becomes popular when she’s true to herself. Charlotte returns, and she’s grown up a lot. Ivy gets some insight into why Charlotte may have seemed so mean (besides actually being mean—her former actions aren’t excused, but they’re seen in a more understanding light).

When people aren’t true to themselves and instead do what they think a clique expects of them, it puts up and strengthens barriers. Being your unique self breaks down those barriers.


Olivia’s dad is still kind of the butt of jokes, but it’s mostly loving. Ivy and Olivia’s new stepmom is fitting in well.


Ivy nearly slips a few times in keeping the vampires secret, but it’s mostly setting and not a major plot in the book.


A must read for any fan of the series. This is a welcome return to what makes the series so much fun. It won’t make much sense out of order, though—you’ll want to start at least a few books back if you can.

Flipping Out! by Sienna Mercer
Published in 2013 by Egmont UK Limited
Book 14 in the My Sister the Vampire series
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