Flipping Out!

Flipping Out! is the 14th book in the My Sister the Vampire series. I managed to get this one through Amazon without jumping through any hoops, but interestingly it’s the British version! (You can tell by the extras U’s.) This novel is a welcome return to form as both sisters are back together, getting used […]

My Sister the Vampire 12 & 13

In the name of efficiency, here are the twelfth and thirteenth My Sister the Vampire books, Read It and Creep and Fangs for the Memories—called Stake Out! and Double Disaster! in the UK—in one convenient review! The adventures of Olivia and Ivy continue, and I’m going to assume that you’ve read at least the reviews for […]

My Sister the Vampire series

My daughter really enjoys this series and frequently rereads them. They’re remarkably hard to get hold of in the United States, though, especially in hard copy! We ended up ordering our copy of Star Style from the UK. They are occasionally available through Scholastic, often as parts of sets. Many of these titles are now available on Kindle […]

My Sister the Vampire 9, 10, &11

We managed to get the next three My Sister the Vampire books through Scholastic, so we’re all caught up now! Rather than write three separate reviews, I’m going to do them all together. I’m just going to assume you’re familiar with the series. If not, you can read about the earlier books here and here. […]

Star Style

Note: This book is called The Bat Pack in the United States. My daughter is still enjoying the My Sister the Vampire series, although I’m finding it really hard to purchase the latest ones! We ended up ordering the 8th book, Star Style, from a British publisher. There are at least three more that I’m […]

My Sister the Vampire, Books 1-7

Honestly, I can’t remember what happened in each individual My Sister the Vampire book and it’s hardly worth writing individual reviews. They’re relatively short and should ideally be read in order—each one picks up where the last left off. They’re cute and sweet and my daughter loves them. My only complaint is that they’re so […]